Rick Noriega is attempting to dismiss everything he and Obama have done and criticize Republican Senator John Cornyn for doing the same thing.  How hypocritical is that?  Noriega attempted to jump on Senator Cornyn about his donations from the “financial industry.”  Noriega attempted to say that Cornyn should give them back their money while he has been shameless in persuing the dollar to the point, he’s taking money outside the state of Texas.  Primarily the reason being is that not many people support Noriega in his state so he has to go to Colorado and spend time begging for campaign funding from the limousine liberals. 

Noriega has not given any of his money back to “Financial Industries” nor has he attempted to criticize Obama for taking money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Noriega has begged for cash donations from his buddies at his former law firm which still is a financial industry.  Corporate lawyers make tons of money.  They work some pretty long hours for that money but they do make it. 

If Noriega had any ethics, he’d return corporate money first and then ask Cornyn to return his money that he raised from corporations.  That’s not gotcha politics, that’s called leadership. 

I think it’s funny how Noriega is attempting to distract voters from the issues by making such a stupid comment.  Instead of talking about his plans for the state, he’s spending time making such stupid comments because he doesn’t want to discuss his plans for the state and our nation.  Why?  He can’t win based on his plans for Texas and the US.  He doesn’t have any plans to fix anything, just a bunch of democratic talking points disguised as plans.  Most of his “plans”, he’s unable to explain because he doesn’t quite understand them himself.  He feels his campaign is so stale that these attacks are the only thing to win voters over.  He’s probably right.  He can’t win in the arena of ideas because he doesn’t have any.  Wasn’t it P. T. Barnum that said “There’s a sucker born every second?”  I think this is what Noriega is hoping for, A bunch of suckers showing up at the polls.