Senator John Cornyn just launched a new site soley for the purpose of drawing attention to the problem with absentee voter ballots casted by military personnel overseas. 

During the 2006 election cycle, 1,000,000 ballots were requested and only 600,000 ballots were counted.  That leaves 400,000 votes that were not counted.  I remember requesting a absentee ballot and was basically talked out of it since it’s really difficult to get mail back in time to make the elections.  APO/FPO services take sometimes as long as a month to get mail back.  Which basically means that your vote often isn’t counted.

Senator Cornyn is standing up for military personnel’s basic right to vote.  It’s shameful that the people who defend our country don’t have a voice at the ballot boxes many times due to the slow postal system.  Senator Cornyn is unique because he’s one of the few politicians that understand how this is a problem.  Many Democrat politicians don’t recognize this as a problem and refuse to do anything at all about it.

If you are not sure why they’d do such a thing I’ll be more than happy to explain.  Most Democrats in congress don’t like the military to begin with.  Others, recognize that most military personnel will vote for Republican because Republicans do more for the troops than Democrats.  If your still not sure, Slick “Willie” basically cut the troop levels while increasing deployments for each soldier.  Most of the military personnel vote is for the party that will support them not for the party who want to announce defeat then cut and run.

Click Here to visit Senator Cornyn’s new site.