Well today is the day. I’m going to the GOP Headquarters in Abilene, TX to see Senator Cornyn’s campaign speech. It was a series of events that led to my being able to go.

I was supposed to be working today and tomorrow. We had a evaluation team come in and are working out of our building. I was told on Wednesday that my services would not be needed and that our Mission Support Commander decided that we’re closing. This happened at the same time I received a invite to go listen to the Senator. I could care less about losing an hour on my time card. I still had 38 hours as of last night after I’d worked a 14 hour day.

Yesterday I made sure I mentioned that I had plans today at 1:45pm through 4pm. I’ll give my thoughts on his speech this evening. After the speech, I need to go by the commissary and get some groceries.