Well I’m headed back to work tommorrow morning and I’m not looking forward to it.  We had an inspection team in on Thursday and I was frustrated on Thursday.

Two weeks ago the Inspector General came by and looked at the building and things were agreed upon by me and the IG.  Primarily that I’d move out of my office by noon so that the 3 colonels can move into the office.  The Mission Support Group Commander couldn’t find time to come to the meeting nor did he bother to talk to me about it.  Fast forward to Thursday, the Mission Support Commander came by my office about 9am.  I’d gone home to change pants because mine were wet and really bloody.  I cut my knuckle on something and didn’t realize it until I had blood all over. 

To make a long story short, the Mission Support Group Commander called my boss at 9:45 to tell her my office was trashed.  Obviously, he didn’t take enough interest in the IG’s visit to my area so he decided he was going to make up his rules as he goes without having the balls to tell me what his expectations were.  The reality was that I had 1 6-part folder on my desk, 5 sheets of paper, and a pill box on the desk.  The floor was clean, the other desk was clean, nothing was out of place.  My boss came right over and saw how full of sh*t he was.  I was pissed and called the Mission Support Group Commander a horses ass.

She got a little irritated at me and said he was stressed and my response was so was I but you don’t see me out there jumping on others.  In fact, I am calm when I’m under stress and I am focused on getting things done.  I’ll go on the record and say I’ve probably gone through MORE inspector visits than little johnny come lately.  This isn’t my first inspection team that I prepared for.  

I’ve already decided if that clown sends me an appreciation letter, it will be burned at my first chance.  I’m a man of principles and it boggles my mind that why such a pompous idiot was made a commander.  Obviously, I’m not impressed with him.  I knew him less than 24 hours and caught him lying and exaggerating 2 times in less than 12 hours.  I’d love to hear which tennants of leadership lying and over exaggerating fits into but chances are pretty good I won’t hear it from him.  As for me apologizing, it will be a very cold day in hell.  Please understand, I don’t mean Hell, Michigan either.  I stand by calling him a horses ass, it’s the principle of the whole matter.  If you can’t make time to be there and you don’t attempt to communicate with me to find out the details then you shouldn’t try to change the agreements.  If he was THAT interested in it, he should have MADE time to be there when I talked to the IG.  Yes to coin my other phrase, he’s both young and useless!