The problem with Liberal Judges is that instead of looking at the intent of the law, they go with what they feel.  That could be why the crooks that are injured in the commission of a crime are successful in suing the home owner.   Let’s break this down and put it into perspective.

Thief Breaks the window to steal a home owners stuff then cuts himself on the glass.  A liberal judge feels sorry for the idiot and gives him money because he was hurt on the owner’s property.  If you get hurt in the commission of a crime then you shouldn’t be able to get a dime out of it.  That’s what I call common sense.  The person did not have permission to be on the home owners property.  Even “the Messiah” Barrak Huisane Obama is attempting tell the judges to rule by their feeling not by the content of the law. 

There’s an article on Foxnews that a city counsel that is demanding that a homeowner remove a barbed wire fence he put around his home because the criminal could get hurt.  My response is “Who in the hell cares if a criminal gets hurt in the commission of a crime?”  I sure as hell don’t.  That will teach the criminal that what he is doing is bound to get him/her hurt.  I could care less if he lost a lot of blood and was out of work for a week.  That is not my problem.  Maybe, just maybe, the criminal should get a job and he/she wouldn’t get hurt trying to steal the fruits of someone else’s labor.

Personally, I don’t want a judge feeling anything more/less than the satisfaction of upholding the law.  Anything else, then he’s probably doing something stupid that only liberals do.  Sadly, this doesn’t just apply to theft either.  One liberal judge refused to sentence a pedophile to jail time because the offender is a small man and he felt the guy wouldn’t live long in jail.  Again, this is an idiotic judge!  The Pedophile knew he’d get jail time if he got caught but he chose to do the crime.  It’s not the judges concern that said individual dies in jail or not.  He committed the crime therefore he must do the time.  He should have gone to jail and paid for his actions and be thankful he got jail because I’ve said in the past, I’d support the death penalty for pedophiles.  Said judge only gave the child rapist parole.  This is insane and this is why the US is going to hell in a handbasket.  I’m sure the ACLU supports liberal judges because they are the only judges that could see the argument from the ACLU’s point of view.