It’s kind of sad thing that in this day and age, everyone needs to have a shredder.  There are thieves just drooling to get into your garbage bin and find your personal information so they can steal your identity. 

I’ve been keeping documents and junk mail for over 3 years to shred but haven’t had a shredder until Saturday.  I’ve just shredded so much stuff, I’m beginning to feel like I’m doing an Ollie North.  If your not old enough to know the humor between Ollie North and shredder’s then your not in my age group.  LOL.

My old dried up humor withstanding, everyone should have a shredder and if you don’t, your in a higher risk of identity theft.  Can thieves still get what they need?  Of course they can find other means to steal your identity but the other means makes them at least work for it.  They won’t be able to dumpster dive and come up with my information.

This would keep scoundrals like Michael Crook from stealing your identity so he could profit from it.