I just love how dishonest liberals really are.  I find their hypocracy laughable at best.  According to liberals any criticism of Obama is considered fear mongering and bad but yet they try really hard to associate John McCain with George W and Rush Limbaugh.  That is at best hypocracy in action. 

I personally call criticism of Obama and McCain as my personal right.  How can we vote for someone we don’t know?  I like to know which legislation they both opposed and their reasons for it.  I want to know that Obama considers himself tough on crime but yet failed to pass a bill that would classify gang related violence as a death penalty offense.  Obama’s idiots are out there claiming that it somehow racists to do this since the majority of the people in gangs are hispanics/blacks.  I say it would cut down on gang recruitment. 

I find questions legit on how tough Obama would be on national defense.  His policies say he’s not very intelligent on national defense.  He wants to cut defense spending for one.  Well if we cut national defense funding then how in the hell do we expect the armed forces to defend the country?  Obama is a true democrat.  He will cut armed forces funding instead of cutting out the pork barrel spending.  He will cut veteran funding through the VA instead of cutting out the pork.

He wants to implement new social programs but says the rich will pay for them.  This is a realistic angle to look at.  The government hasn’t ever run social security well much less any other program.  It always cost more than the talking heads tell us.  Ontop of that, liberals like to take money from Social Security to pay for their other social programs. 

Liberals are outraged at John McCain for inciting anger at his rally yet liberals are the ones that use violence to make a statement.  Look at Bill Ayers and the weather underground.  Recreate ’68 is another violent mob that incites violence yet nobody in the Democrat Party will repudiate those groups.  I’ve already blogged on the liberals response to Tony Snow’s death and how they equate that to he deserved to die yet liberals like to say they are more compassionate.

Another example of this is that Liberals say if Obama loses the election it isn’t about the issues, no it’s because our country is somehow racists.  When asked why they are voting for Obama they either say hope and change or they say because Obama is a black man.  Neither one is a valid reason.  To quote Senator John Cornyn, “We need the right kind of change!”  Bad changes are still changes so what’s left?  Hope?  Do you place a lot of hope in an idiot and hope he won’t do the wrong thing when nobody is looking?

Another bit of hypocracy is the notion that we as a country are hated in the muslim world because we are friends with Israel or that we have soldiers in Saudi Arabia.  We were invited into Saudi by the government.  If the muslim world have problems with it, then maybe they should talk to Saudi Arabia.  We all know that the first time these countries that hate us have a problem they come running for American dollars and goods.  They don’t go to their buddies Russia or China.