Well I’m not quite sure what to think about the video but it raises some legitament questions as to Obama’s citizenship status.  The video subject is on Obama’s citizenship and is coming from a Democrat from PA.  He’s in a legal battle to validate Obama’s citizenship based on his birth certificate which Obama refuses to release.  Obama’s refusal gives this man’s story validation.  Remember, the requirements set forth by the constitution states that a presidential candidate must:

Be 35 years of age or older

A Citizen

Must have lived here in the US for 14 years

There are no considerations for naturalized citizens in the constitution.  The DNC is supporting Obama’s position of not releasing the records.  Suspiciously there are 2 versions of a birth certificate out there on the web with Obama’s information on it.  Which one is correct?  His lack of compliance gives this Democrat judge/politician’s claims legitimacy.  Here’s the video:

Click Here for the video.

When questions arose on John McCain’s citizenship, he immediately provided his birth certificate and medical records.