I couldn’t believe what was caught on tape.  A plumber asked Obama why he was raising his taxes Obama’s reply was he was going to spread the wealth around. 

The problem is that Robin Hood stole from the government and paid the money back to the people.  He didn’t steal it from the people and give it to the government.  So there goes the comparison.  You could compare Obama to King Richard fromt he Robin Hood story but not Robin Hood.

My problem with Obama’s method is there isn’t any checks and balances to see who needs to the help.  I believe the government should help out needy families however, I don’t think they should help those who refuse to work because they can’t draw as much money from working as they can receive from Welfare/social security.  I’m all for families that work and still can’t make ends meet receiving the difference between what they are making and what social security would pay them.  At least that family is trying.  Just don’t tell me you can’t work because you refuse to work for minimum wage.  Don’t let me see you get arrested for selling drugs or prostitution because you are receiving welfare.  That does not show me your trying.  It shows me your attempting to cheat the system while committing crimes.

I just think Obama is attempting to create support by creating a class of people who are dependent on government to get by with no encouragement to get off the system.