It appears that one member of Representative Noriega’s campaign for Senate is stating that Senator Cornyn will win on his blog.  Read his blog here.  It’s no wonder that Senator Cornyn absolutely overwelmed Representative Noriega with his voting record and with his plans for Texas and the US. 

Noriega just didn’t run a smart campaign.  His position on using taxpayers money to run negative ad campaigns were less than popular with the state of Texas.  He did not score any points with the residents of Texas by going to Colorado and apologizing for the state for George W. Bush.  He adapted policies that he couldn’t explain and criticized the press because they weren’t singing his praise.  He attempted to criticize Senator Cornyn’s policies while he hadn’t developed his own ideas.  Texas don’t need someone to criticize, they need someone with ideas to fix problems.  If you have no ideas then your ill-prepared to run against someone who does.  This is the bottom line in the Senatoral election and this is exactly what led to Noriega’s downfall.

Senator Cornyn and received numerous political endorsements and is set to win his seat back in November.  I’ve always said this senatoral election was always Cornyn’s to lose because he was a shoe in.  Obviously the Noriega campaign didn’t get the memo from me.  😉 .