Well McCain finally grew a pair of balls last night.  He finally quit the niceties with Obama and threw some punches.  None of the proverbial punches knocked him out but he was on the defensive the whole debate because he was forced to explain his views.

My favorite line of the night was McCain reminded Obama he wasn’t running against Bush and said if you wanted to run against Bush, you should have ran for president four years ago. 

Obama attempted a lot of dishonesty last night but to blame bush and McCain for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac delima was a bust.  I exposed that lie on here a week ago.  Three years ago, Senator McCain to rein in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and fix them.  Barney Frank and the rest of the Dems including Obama stood up and declared there was nothing wrong and voted against the bill.  If it’s truely Bush and McCain that caused this then you’d think they wouldn’t have responded.  However, Obama stood up and said there wasn’t a problem.  Now, during the time McCain tried to push the bill, Barney Frank was having an affair with the CEO of one of those institutions.  This screams ethics violation to me.  Barney Frank was on the congressional oversight committee having sex with the CEO of one of the companies he was overseeing. 

Another highlight was when McCain started talking about the plummer that was told by Obama that he intended to spread his wealth around.  I had a good laugh but the sad thing is that Obama really is serious about taking money away from the rich in this country.  He doesn’t care how much damage he does to the economy and how many people are unemployed because of his policies.  Maybe we should ask Obama if he ever worked for a poor person?  It’s a valid question.  Poor people don’t create jobs.  Instead they work for people who are rich.  You can’t fix the economy by attacking the rich.  What Obama plans on doing is to stunt the growth of our economy.    It’s probably a good thing he intends on raping the wealthy to pay out unemployment benefits because we’re about to see record unemployment under an Obama administration.  I’d give him a year before even the obamaniacs are calling for him to step down.  I’ll be there to remind them of what kind of idiots they really are for voting for an “Empty Suit” in the first place.  Don’t bet against what I’m saying here.  He will cause record unemployment because he’s stupid.

In a change, fox news said McCain blew it while the drive by’s are saying McCain did good.  The drive by’s are also attempting to attack Joe the Plumber.