I hope the citizens of Pennsylvania were offended by John Murtha’s comments and will take out their anger when he’s up for re-election.  In an interview, John told the interviewer that he doesn’t think Obama will do well in PA because there are a lot of racists in his state.  This was John Murtha insulting his constituents. 

If my representative had said something so vile, so ugly, so not-so-true about me, I’d damn sure make sure his ride on the gravy train ended.  If John Murtha would say that about our citizens in PA then what is he saying about you guys that you don’t hear about? 

This guy is a embarrasement and should be shown the door to his office in Washington.  John Murtha is the same guy that attempted to convict the Haditha Marines before they had their day in court.  He still refuses to apologize to the marines for his disgraceful actions.

John Murtha was voted the 2007 Porker of the Year by Citizens Against Government Waste.  You can see his write-up on their webpage.  You can see their page here.

Just ask yourself this one question, Is this a person I want representing me?  He seems to be representing himself more than he’s representing you, the taxpayer.  Make no mistake, you are this man’s boss.  You have the authority to hire/fire him.  If he’s not doing the job you hired him to do, you can fire him during his next election.