Looks like Obama still can’t seal the deal.  I mean, Obama has outspent McCain $3 to $1.  He should be way up in the polls but yet we have a tightened race where the lead is ONLY 3-4 points (Depending on which poll your looking at).  At a 3-4 point, neither side should expect a coronation yet Obama is already planning his victory party.  LOL.

It’s a prideful mistake to think you have it before election day.  Joe the Plumber seams to be decimating Obama’s lead right now.  The drive by’s have gone after Joe the plumber and are having a good time smearing Joe.  This is how liberals are.  If you, a private citizen, have a legitimate question that makes their candidate look bad, then they will go out of their way to discredit you.  That’s exactly what has happened.  It’s not exactly about Joe the plumber.  Joe the plumber could be any one of us who desire to have their own business. 

It’s so bad that Obama has resorted to accusing McCain of going to cut Medicare.  This is the actions of a very desperate politician who is losing his lead over McCain.  McCain has not said a thing about cutting Medicare.  So Obama is proving he’s a student of Bill Clinton but I’ll assure you, the student is much better at lying than the teacher.