Yes, I watched the debate last night and it was apparent that Representative Noriega wasn’t prepared to debate Senator Cornyn.  On more than one occassion, Noriega agreed with Senator Cornyn. 

Senator Cornyn out-debated, out-classed, and out-presented Representative Noriega throughout the whole debate.  At one point, I thought the moderator was getting pissed off at Noriega’s refusal to answer the question put forth to him.  I’d equate that to asking someone what time it is then they proceed to tell me how to build the clock in 10 minutes or less. 

Representative Noriega attempted to disagree with Senator Cornyn over the bailout.  Noriega is really disconnected when the conversation turned to the economic bail out.  Noriega would have voted against it even though the general public would have paid the price for his idiocy.  What part of this failure did Rick Noriega not understand.  This situation would hurt Texans ability to provide for their family because the value of a dollar would have dissenigrated down to nothing.  I couldn’t help but think how ignorant Noriega appeared to be on economics. 

If I’d been a Noriega supporter, I’d be concerned about the 1 hour of my time I wasted to hear Noriega fumble and flounder around like a fish out of water.  However, I was more than satisfied with Senator Cornyn’s performance.