I’ve always said most troops vote Republican because republicans take care of them.  Democrats always show their disdain for the troops.  This is probably their logic, Why would I vote for someone who accuses me of air raiding villages and killing civilians?  I can’t say I don’t blame the troops.  This sadly is why most Democrats don’t want to count military votes coming in from overseas.  They know most of those votes are not in their favor so they’d love to silence the vote.

How bad was it?  McCain 68% Obama 23%.  It was a landslide poll.  As a military veteran, I fear Obama’s lack of experience at being a Commander-In-Chief.  America’s defense deserves the very best we have to offer from the troops to commanders to Commander-In-Chief.  If the Commander-In-Chief hates the military, how good of a job do you really think he’ll do in defending the country?  Trust me, we will be in a defense stance with terrorism threatening another attack any day here in the US.  Does he really think he’s going to talk to Al Quaeda?