You can read Michaels propaganda here.  If you don’t read it, it’s just as well as I’ll cover it anyways.

Michael crows about being able to get away with his Craigs list prank even though it was more viciously delivered than Jason Fortuney’s prank.  Michael does have a point…sort of.  Yes he ruined reputations, marriages, and lives by posing as a female and receiving nude pics of males then putting them on his website.  He also found out where they worked, home phone numbers, business phone numbers, home addresses, etc.  Where Michael got it all wrong is why he got away with it. 

It should be noted that Mikey lives in pay by the week motels because most landlords won’t let him live in their houses.  He’s got a reputation of running them down because he turns the place into a ‘ces poole and the health department steps in and declares the place uninhabitable.  The only employer in town that would employ him was a temp agency.  He used to have a myspace page before he got booted off the site.  In it, he said he made $80,000 a year.  I’m sure that was wishful thinking. 

If Mikey had 2 nickles to rub together, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten away with it.  Currently, Mikey is unemployed/unemployable.  Nobody is going to take Mikey to civil court because Mikey has no money.  Mikey is so proud of himself that he thinks he can get away with anything at all.  Sure Mikey, go ahead and see what the limits are to what you can get away with.  All it takes is one time messing the wrong person and your in for a rude awakening.  You are not all that.  Hell you aren’t even 1/4 of that.

It’s my opinion that Mikey did this prank because he enjoys receiving nude photos of guys.  It probably gave him a thrill to have guys readily sending him nude pictures of themselves.  It probably saved him from having to surf the internet or go to pay sites.

Mikey continues to show how really depraved he is and shows that he needs anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.  Mikey is a prime example of why mental health laws in this country need to change.  We can no longer sit around saying it’s ok if they refuse to take their pills and see their shrinks.  We really need to stop telling mentally deranged people that the acts they committed were not their fault because they are crazy.  That’s not ok.  You willingly got off those pills and committed a criminal act.  You should pay.  If we became a lot stiffer on mental health laws then maybe the Virginia Tech massacre would have never happened.  Maybe the Columbine massacre would have never happened.  How many times have mentally deranged people committed violent acts and there were no hints that person was becoming violent?  Ex Saturday Night Live actor Phil Hartman fell victim to his wife.  His wife killed her husband then committed suicide.  We lost a great comedian/performer on that day. 

I know in Texas, you have to prove the person is a danger to themselves or others before they can be involuntarily committed.  Even though the majority of violent crimes committed by mentally ill people show there was no tell tale sign that the individual was about to get violent.  An argument can be made that not all crazy people committ murders.  That’s true but even one murder should be avoided by forcing these people into treatment.

The only reason I mention mental health in this article is because Michael wants to find someone who needs serious medical attention so he can snap photo’s and refuse to call 911.  He also boasts he wants to be around when a police officer’s daughter was abducted and deny he saw anything so he can laugh when they find her dead body and discover she was raped before they killed her.  If that’s not poor mental health, I don’t know what constitutes bad health.