Rasmussen reports that Senator Cornyn has a 15-point lead in their newest poll over Representative Noriega.  It proves that Texans aren’t buying what Noriega is trying to sell us.  It’s funny though all his begging for out-of-state contributions hasn’t really bought the Democrats a new seat in the Senate.  Even when you factor in the masters of negative politics (The Clintons) into Representative Noriega’s campaign and he’s still not sealing the deal with the Texas voters.

At this point, Noriega should understand he’s not winning this election and should probably follow his party’s defeatist attitude and just give up.  I mean that’s what he wants to do in Iraq.  So why not save the taxpayer’s money and just give up and not worry about the vote count?  I mean Rasmussen’s poll does say he’s losing by 15 points.