Well I think Pennsylvania’s residents have finally had enough of John Murtha’s antics. 

John Murtha had some really unkind things to say about the Haditha marines.  All of which HAVE NOT been proven true as 7 of 8 Marines involved in the incident have been acquitted.  John accused the marines of murdering civilians in cold blood.

John Murtha has been one of the biggest abusers of Pork Barrel spending.  John Murtha garnered earmark spending for his son’s company.  That should be considered a conflict of interest in my opinion. 

John Murtha has made a public spectacle of himself by accusing his constituents of being racists when attempting to explain why Obama wouldn’t do well in his state.  While trying to smooth things over with his constituents he then called them Rednecks. 

Obama himself hasn’t endeared himself to Pennsylvania voters.  He made his infamous quote about bitter Americans as he was talking about PA voters. 

I think this year the voters in PA will send a strong message to John Murtha reguarding his conduct as a representative of their state.  It’s been really subpar and he’s not representing them in the fashion they want to be represented.  I join my friends in PA as they send him off to do something else that he’s actually good at.