PA McCain Volunteer Robbed, Sexually Assaulted, and had a "B" carves into her face

This is a picture of Ashley Todd (A McCain volunteer) after she was robbed, sexually assaulted, assaulted, and then had a “B” carved into her face.  I have no doubt this individual was one of Barrak Obama’s lazy supporters who want to live off the taxpayers because they are too damn lazy to get their ass out and get a job.  They’d much rather Obama give them money than go out and try to earn it!

Extremists make me sick to my stomach.  You people seem to think that acts such as this is justified…IT IS NOT!  Actually, I’ll go as far to say that this is definitely not the way you get someone to change their vote.  Actually, I’m pretty damn sure she’ll never vote Democrat now.  I’ll go as far as to say that the person who did this should probably just go kill themselves.  They are not worthy of the title “Human Being.”  I’m sure if the cops catch this person, they will be just like every other human piece of crap and claim they were abused and it wasn’t their fault.  Save the drama for your mama.

Police say that details are sketchy right now but they are reviewing ATM video footage since this happened at a ATM machine.