Yesterday I had a unique job fall into my lap.  Of course I accepted it.  LOL.  My boss called and asked me if I would take charge of a base trip to six flags over Texas.  Tomorrow I have to go down and pick up the keys to one of the military vans, tickets for everyone, and $100 in cash for parking and gas for the van.  My ticket is free to get me into six flags.  I just have to take me some money for food and drinks.  I’ll get paid for working 15 hours and from 4-10pm, I’ll get second shift pay. 

Every year six flags has their special holloween show that normally draws huge crowds.  I tried to see if I could get either of my kids to go with me but they were busy.  Hey if I’m able to pull off a paid visit with the kids, I’ll try to. 

I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind driving a van load of people 2 1/2 hours to six flags and getting paid for it.  I’ll be leaving at 7am on Saturday morning and getting back at 10pm.  Basically what happened is the guy that was supposed to go quit because he was offered a better job so they had to scramble to find someone else to drive the group.  They didn’t want to have to cancel the trip because they’d already sold tickets to ride in the van.