This is a stupid article because the TV station didn’t lob softballs for Obama and Biden to hit out of the part.  In essence, they got mad because a media outfit did what they were supposed to do and that is vett the candidate.  Evidently the Obama camp doesn’t like to be asked tough questions because he already has most of the population in a gaa gaa trance over two Intangible unquantifiable words hope and change.

He denied his little speech about Obama being tested was about keeping faith and not doing what we told you to do against George Bush to us.  In essence his side of the story is that he believes whoever wins will have an Al Quaeda attack to deal with.  Which if you listen to that whole speech, he is lying.  He should win the Bill Clinton Award for Telling Untruths and hoping the American people are so damn stupid they don’t notice or fail to question him.

Joe Biden also denied Obama being a socialist.  Now the only people buying this lie are in the Obama media and the Obama cult.  If you take from the rich and give it all to the poor, it’s called socialism.  I don’t buy for a minute some idiot’s assessment that socialism is a racist term.  He’s attempting to stretch the truth to the point it snaps back.  He’s being dishonest and should be called on it but the Obama media won’t address it.  They hope this race is about race and the color of Obama’s skin instead of his socialistic ideas.  Only a idiot would say that we can’t talk about Obama’s socialistic ideas because it’s somehow racist to do so. 

Both Obama and Biden are on the ropes because of the damage that “Joe the plumber” have done to them in public view.  They are reaching down to the bottom of their “Dirty Trick” bucket for strategies that were last used 30 years ago in the Democratic play book. 

They are intelligent enough to know that most of the American people don’t believe in socialism nor do they want to go there.  Most of us believe that we deserve our pay because we’ve worked our butts off to get higher pay.  If I’m getting paid the same amount as John and John just shows up for 8 hours a day then what is my motivation to outdo John?  There is no motivation.  Capitalism rewards hard work Socialism penalizes hard work with more taxes.  You can believe whatever you want but at the end of the day this is how socialism works and I’m right when I say Obama wants socialism.

Of course if nobody is honest and Obama wins most of the Obama supporters will be singing the blues.  a.  because they felt nobody could do a worse job than George W and b. because they willingly voted for him. 

I’m at least honest when I say that it doesn’t matter which man wins as I’m not going to pay higher taxes.  My job is secure enough that I won’t be laid off because I have a job with the military as a civilian.  I’m still making lot’s of money between my part time job, my retirement pension, and my medical disability.  However, I’m still against making the US look like France or other European countries. 

Unlike the left in this country, I feel for people who are going to lose their jobs because an Obama presidency will lead them to the long unemployment lines because he feels he should penalize the wealthy in this country.  I’ve said it before, the rich have accountants that will develop new strategies to avoid paying the taxes themselves.  This is what’s causing the economic woes right now.  Big business is going to pay more taxes and as a result, they will decrease production, lay off workers, and increase the price for their services or goods.  This is going to lead us on the sorted path to economic destruction not the reconstruction of our economy.  Under president obama things can and will get 100% worse than they did under George W.