Well look what just fell out of the closet…another radical association of Obama’s.  This time it’s the former spokesman for the Palestine Liberation Organization, Rashid Khalidi.  Obama attended the former PLO spokesman/College professor’s going away party and Obama was seen making a toast to the professor. 

Please, I need a liberal to tell me how Obama can attend such a party and speak kind words to someone who has a lot of nasty things to say about Israeli’s?  This is MORE damning than William Aires.  Coincidentally, William Aires was also in attendance at this going away party too.  While your at it, tell me how this plays for Obama’s support of Israel?  Anyone?  I didn’t think so.  This dude has so many fanatical friends that I’d go as far to say he probably shouldn’t be running for president based on the radicals he keeps company with.  “Joe the Plumber” was absolutely right in saying that Obama winning the presidency would be the death of Israel. 

Of course the loons on the left know exactly how damning this tape is must be why they said it couldn’t be released for public consumption.  You bet your ass if it was John McCain meeting with the KKK that tape would have been on the streets and public knowledge by now but because it’s the messiah it’s not going to be released.  It’s funny how “Joe The Plumber’s” tax information was readily available by the Liberal koolaid drinking press but we can’t have access to this dinner that shows Obama with yet another Radical friendship. 

I’m sure the Obama cult will be marching on the streets with Obama’s talking point answer on this but let me tell you what this tells me.  It raises a LOT of questions for me.  I want to know how his friendship with Rashid will effect his ability to be fair when talking to Iran or Palestine.  He’s not addressed his poor choices yet on tv or in the media period. 

I few his choice of friends as a concern because of the lunatic qualities of the people he hangs out with.  I don’t intend on voting for Obama because I vote for Republicans based on what I saw while in the military.  Most democrats hate the military and would love to completely do away with it.  Democrats cut military funding while they spend billions of dollars on  earmarks.