On moveon.org, Noriega’s campaign manager was quoted as saying that Noriega will destroy the Republican party.  He indeed must be another radical liberal who lives in fantasyland.  Liberals have a hard time accepting reality because if he was honest to moveon.org, he’d be telling them that Senator Cornyn was handing their butts to them.

Senator Cornyn, by the latest polls, has a 15-point lead over Noriega.  This is the stuff that landslide victories are made out of.  In his bid for Re-election, Senator Cornyn has had no goal to destroy Democrats.  His goal rather was to win against his opponent which he has run one hell of a campaign and never resorted to negative ads as his primary means of winning. 

Noriega on the other hand has resorted to numerous negative ads.  When you get in front of reporters and can’t answer questions on YOUR plans then your done.  The voters have lost respect for you and then you have the audacity to go on the attack against the media stating they are biased against you is an outrage. 

Representative Noriega, Senator Cornyn has run a clean campaign while you were out there running negative ads, he was running positive ads.  Senator Cornyn attempted to get you to agree to a clean campaign and you refused.  Senator Cornyn could probably run over a dozen negative ads and not come anywhere near what you’ve put out and I wouldn’t blame him if he did.  Running down your state in front of out-of-state limosine liberals in Colorado is a poor way to get your opinions respected in the state of Texas.  I’m sure you were a big hit among the hollywood types that flocked into the DNC.  Back home, you weren’t as popular.  After the election and after you’ve lost your bid for the Senate, you should probably take yourself and your radical campaign manager to the nearest mental institution and check yourselves in.  My diagnoses is that you are inflicted with Angry Liberal Syndrome #7.  I’m sure there’s got to be drugs for that in this day and age.