I’ve heard some of the chatter on the Drudge Report saying this election is all about racism.  I beg to differ.  It’s my opinion that this race is all about hypocracy. 

Obama has had many disgusting friendships with many dispicable human beings.  Do you think the Republicans would give John McCain a pass if he had just one relationship/friendship with any radical person at all?  He’d have been forced to resign a long time ago.  Obama has had so many radical friendships it’s hard to keep up with them all.  Obama has associated himself with Terrorists, Domestic Terrorists, racists, Slum Lords, etc.  His following gives him a pass on all these friendships because they believe it doesn’t reflect on their candidates decisions.  I say BS!  It certainly tells me that he’s a radical magnet.  If all of your friends are radical then 9 1/2 times out of 10 that makes you a radical person too!

Obama said if you make under 250,000 a year he’s going to cut your taxes however last night on his “INFOMERCIAL” he stated 200,000.  John McCain has said he’ll keep the Bush tax cuts and he’s said that and hasn’t deviated from it.

Obama said he’d be willing to meet Ahmadinajad without any preconditions but he refuses to go on Hanity and Colmes.  Mrs West grilled Biden on Obama’s policies and Joe Biden took his ball and went home.  Afterwards the Obama campaign refused to go back on her station.  I heard the interview and those were some good questions.  The ladies of the show “The View” grilled John McCain and he stayed there and took the grilling being the great sport he is.  If Obama/Biden are going to act like little kids who just got their feelings hurt because they were asked tough questions then that shows me they will prosecute free speech.  It also tells me that Obama wants the Fairness Docterine imposed on talk radio which I DO NOT SUPPORT.  Obama has blamed foxnews multiple times of giving him negatives however they go negative on McCain too.  You don’t see McCain crying about it do you? 

Joe the plumber proves what will happen to you if you publicly show the world anything that Camp Obama wants to hide.  The media went on an attack frenzy like sharks at the beach.  The next thing you see is both Obama and Biden making fun of someone’s dream instead of talking intelligently about it.  This just goes to show everyone that Obama is indeed a snobbish elitest.  Reasonably that’s the only way you can see comments like “Joe The Plumber, that’s who McCain is fighting for.”  Meanwhile McCain has several ads to tell the “Joe the Plumbers” of the US that he will be in their corner and look out for them.  I still say that was a brilliantly executed move on McCain’s part.

Obama sided with Barney Frank over John McCain’s co-sponsored bill 3 years ago to fix Freddie and Fanney.  As a result the fix wasn’t done back then and Barney Frank went on national TV and assured investors that the market was going to be safe.  Guess what, it wasn’t so as a direct result, people lost money.  McCain saw a problem Obama denied the problem.  Fast forward to this week, Obama says that it was a direct result of bush policies yet McCain saw the problems 3 years ago and Obama participated in partisan politics and sided foolishly with Barney Frank.  So that’s real change hugh?  I guess bad change is still change.  It sounds to me like business as usual.

After 9-1-1, the liberals went on the attack against Bush and said because Bush had been in office for 9 months that it was his fault yet Barney Frank has been in charge of the oversight committee for Fanny and Freddie and has the nerve to say it isn’t his fault yet he had 2 years in his position. 

Obama accuses McCain of putting out nothing but negative ads and factcheck.org says that was a boldface lie.  Obama had more negative ads out than McCain.  It’s funny though as many lies as Obama and Biden have told before they ever make it into office, what makes people think his time in office will be any different. 

ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN have all jumped on the Obama bandwagon.  They haven’t published near the negative stories on Obama as they have McCain however, these idiots want everyone to believe they are fair and balanced.  I say BS but then again, I’m not drinking any kool aid provided by the Obama camp either. 

Obama sent his public relations person on to foxnews and he was outgunned by the female commentator (Megyn Kelly) on there.  Instead of improving Obama’s appearance, this guy looked like your average, run of the mill, angry liberal with a triple dose of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

People saying Obama is a Marxist have created a firestorm after the “Joe The Plumber” incident.  The difference between what Reagan did and what Obama is attempting to do is huge.  Reagan gave a hand up while Obama is attempting to give a hand down.  Reagan, to his wisdom, saw people with full time jobs and still living in poverty and he changed welfare and social security to help those out who are attempting to help themselves.  That is what I call a hand up.  Obama wants to give people who refuse to work a hand down.  These people aren’t trying to get employment but he wants them to have everything that those of us who work have.  It’s wrong!  See that’s part of the work ethic, you go to work and your rewarded with a paycheck.  With that paycheck you pay taxes.  If you have 1 million people working and paying taxes and you have 2 million people who refuse to work that’s called a deficit.  You have more people drawing assistance than you have people working.  That’s not smart and neither is cracking down on businesses that pay people to work.  Obama is creating a new disaster or at least attempting to prolong our current financial crisis.  Hey good thing he’s stealing from the middle and upper class because he’ll need it to support those who have been laid off from work because big corporations cannot continue to afford salaries.

Obama’s plans will stunt all charities collection of money because let’s face it, if you are paying higher taxes then you have less money to help out victims of another hurricane or earthquake.  Maybe Obama intends on giving money to charity because the rest of us won’t be able to.  Oh wait, what am I talking about.  Joe Biden pays $2,500 a year to charity so I guess that ain’t going to work well if Obama is just like his VP.  Biden makes millions a year yet only gives out $2,500.  He’s very generous with your tax dollars though.

See hypocracy just about covers this whole election cycle.  Liberals don’t care that their candidate lies a lot, it’s par for the course.  They will excuse any and all bad behavior from their candidate because most liberals don’t have integrity so they don’t require it from their candidate.  Liberals are ok even if their candidate turns on one of our allies let’s just say Israel for instance.  I mean Obama is friends with the ex-spokesman for the PLO.  Smaller state needs will take back seat to large state needs because liberals view smaller states as unimportant.  I mean most liberals berated Gov Palin’s experience/state because even though it’s a large state the population is small. 

Obama supporters are cult like, they went on the attack against “Joe the plumber” because he exposed Obama for what he really is and this pissed off the rabid cult like supporters to the point they willingly violated public law to get their hands on any and every record that has Joe on it.  Obama supporters have commited many crimes to get the messiah elected by stealing credit card numbers and making large contributions to the credit cards that don’t belong to them.  The criminal element in this country is just waiting for the Obama victory because in a tiny sense of the word, it means a little victory for them.  Life get’s easier for them if Obama is going to give them free money.

Democrats in Ohio went to the supreme court in Ohio to get out of investigating the multiple accounts of voter fraud in Ohio.  Sound legit?  The judicials that voted on the measure were Obama supporters.  I guess the justices were in orgasmic rapture when Obama told them to judge on what felt right.  I’m not sure if it was a sound judgement or just a bad case of crotch itch.  Then again, maybe they were like Chris Matthews and had a tingling sensation going up their legs as they were doing a job for Obama.