Well Obama’s old friend William Aires is getting even more disgusting by the minute.  One of his books that he wrote was dedicated DEDICATED to Sirhan Sirhan.  If you were born literally yesterday, that’s the guy who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy. 

Want to guess who his newest book is dedicated to?  Anybody?  He dedicates his newest book to a long list of cop killers.  Yes that’s the radical sector of the Democratic party.  This is who Obama associates himself with.  Get used to it, cause it’s true.  It’s damn true!

I hope each and every person his newest book is dedicated to has been fried in the electric chair.  William Aires himself deserves to get the death penalty for what he’s done to the citizens of this country.  Instead he is walking free after openly admitting to setting the bombs because of police misconduct.

I still say William Aires shows that Obama is incapable of making right decisions based on his friendship with a unrepentent domestic terrorist.