It was discovered that a lot of Obama’s staff are working diligently to skew election results.  It was discovered that most of Obama’s staff are voting absentee voting plus registering to vote in the state they are working in.  If Obama wins maybe we should get together a class action suit.  I mean the rest of us only got to vote 1 time.  The purpose of elections is to have a fair accounting of what the people want and voting 2 times is counter-productive to what our founding fathers had in mind when they envisioned elections.

This goes to show you that the rabid Obama Cult has no concept of right and wrong or integrity.  I’ve said before that liberals don’t have ethics or integrity so their candidates normally aren’t required to have any either.  I can only hope that state election officials have a way of examining each and every one of Obama’s thugs to see that they are only getting 1 vote.  By law, that’s all they are entitled to and if it is discovered that they are attempting to vote 2 times then they should go to jail for voter fraud and fined thousands of dollars.  These people think they are special and should be entitled to multiple voter ID’s because they work for the Messiah.  I can’t wait to watch the bodies be led away in handcuffs.