Today, Senator Cornyn has thanked me and 89 other bloggers for our service in his reelection campaign.  I looked at his campaign and liked the positive message he tried to get out and appreciated the Senator’s steadfast commitment to our military and the citizens of our state.  In a way, that was my way of paying him back for the good things he’s done on my behalf in the senate and let him continue representing me in the next few years.  I think if we had more people like Senator Cornyn we could definitely make the world a better place to live.

Senator Cornyn ran a very intelligent campaign which was very positive and he didn’t run nowhere near as many negative ads as Representative Noriega.  It’s been my experience that those who can’t argue intelligently with substance smears to take everybody’s attention off of issues because they can’t win an intelligent debate.

I will be voting for Senator John Cornyn because his vision of Texas matches my vision. He’s proved he’s willing to argue his point in front of the Senate. Senator Cornyn’s record is excellent. He’s willing to think hard on issues and do what he thinks is right for Texas and what’s right for the United States of America. I support his efforts in the financial crisis of the century. He did what was right for America by voting for the bill because it impacted the citizens of this state and the USA. Come to the polls with me and send a strong message to the liberals. That message being that we want someone to work for us not against us. We need to support our military not rip them to shreds behind their backs. We also do not want defeat, retreat, or surrender.

Representative Noriega would have voted no on the bill and instead of fixing the problem, he’d have made it worse. He also did some things that I REALLY did not like. My important message to him is simply “Don’t ever go on national tv and apologize for me!” I don’t have a damn thing to apologize about! Those theatrics don’t solve any problems facing this nation right now or ever. If anything, those theatrics create backlash and it’s apparent you fell on your sword over the whole issue because I’m no different than any other Texan in that we don’t owe limousine liberals an apology for anything. Noriega would go into the Senate if he won and voted along party lines. He would get caught up in the partisan bickering that has created the most do nothing congress in US history. He’s have contributed nothing towards fixing problems but would have incited even more partisan bickering.  We can’t afford the consequences of Rick Noriega’s incompetence.

To view Senator Cornyn’s thank you message click here.