Murtha is busy asking the leftist nuts at Moveon.Org for money because apparently nobody in Pennsylvania will donate to his campaign after being called racists and rednecks.  Can you actually blame them?  Of course Murtha’s spin is in full cycle as he tells them that he’s being swiftboated because he wants to end the Iraq war.  Lies lies and even more lies.  I think we should have a lie quota on elections.  You can only tell so many lies before you are forced to tell the truth. 

Looking at his comments and his voting record, it’s been a long time since he’s told the truth.  He needs to go!  Na na na na   na na na na   Hey hey Goodbye. 

Maybe during his 6-year absence he will find the truth as to why people don’t want him in office.  You can start with him calling the voters in his state racists and rednecks and go down to accusing marines of murdering in cold blood then go all the way down to his abuses on pork barrel spending.  Murtha, your reality check is here and I’m sure public opinion has sobered you up from the kool aide stupor you were in.