Please get out and vote today or if you have already voted, good on you!  I can’t stress how important it is to let washington hear what you want and the elections this time around couldn’t be more crucial to us as a country or a state. 

In the presidential election, you can’t have 2 more diverse people running.  Your vote is very crucial because one of the candidates believes it’s ok for the government to bankrupt a business that’s been going on for years.  In my humble opinion, THAT is not government’s job.  That candidate also wants to see your energy bills skyrocket while he spreads your wealth around.  Obama also hasn’t quite figured out at what money amount to cap off the middle class with.  First, Obama said $250,000, Biden said $150,000, Obama said $200,000, and Richardson said $120,000.  Obama’s plans for this country will raise unemployment levels to double digits if elected.  Quite honestly, I don’t think the USA can afford Barry Obama.  I’m really scared about the slippery slope when it comes to socialistic principles.  If you start adding socialistic ideas into a Democracy, it erodes the democracy and our capitolism.  When does it end?  I mean while we’re not watching is Barry going to slip in more socialistic ideas into our way of life?  Once you let him start where does it end?

Senator McCain has been VERY consistent when he says he intends to keep the bush tax cuts.  While McCain isn’t a artist when it comes to campaign speeches, he’s still very genuine when he speaks.  Honestly speaking, I wasn’t happy when Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney dropped out of the race.  While I wasn’t a fan of McCain, I’m certainly of the opnion he’s the lesser of 2 evils.  McCain is going to fight to rid our country of earmarks.  That is a step in the RIGHT direction.  We lose 700 Billion Dollars a year to earmark spending.  Couldn’t we cut that out and reduce the deficit?  That’s what John McCain wants to do.  He’s against a lot of government corruption.

The importance of your vote does not stop there.  There are numerous local, state, and federal elections taking place this year.  I know here in Texas we have the senatorial race that almost presents the same problems as the Obama/McCain race.  Senator Cornyn (R) is fighting to keep his seat in the senate.  He favors smaller government and understands bigger government is never the answer to life’s solutions.  Senator Cornyn supports alternative energy.  He’s not out to bankrupt an industry and he’s definitely opposed to raising your energy costs.  He wants smaller taxes and he’s for stronger families, business growth, He wants alternative energies to be used and he’s against big government spending.  His opponent, Rick Noriega, wants to create trillions of dollars in new spending.  He doesn’t understand that the government needs less spending.  He also wants to bankrupt industries he doesn’t agree with.  He, like Obama, don’t understand it’s not the government’s job to bankrupt industries placing those workers in unemployment lines.  Nowhere in our constitution does it say that is a duty of the government but I’m sure it was how Hitler ran his ship.  Do we really want to go there?   Representative Noriega attempted the theatrics of apologizing for the state of Texas at the Democrat National Convention.  While he scored points with the limousine liberals, he lost votes right here in Texas because Texas don’t need him to apologize for us.  Right now, Senator Cornyn had a 15-point lead going into the elections so I’m sure Texans get it just like I do. 

Here’s how Senator Cornyn put this years votes in perspective.  Click here to watch the video.

So please get out there and vote.  If you don’t like either candidate then the only thing you can do, vote for the lesser of 2 evils.  We’re never going to have a candidate that everyone is going to like 100%.  This election is way too important to just sit at home and not vote.  If your a Republican, don’t listen to the polls or the news on other channels.  They are attempting to make it sound like your vote doesn’t matter, IT DOES MATTER!  Obama has not sealed the deal with the American people yet.  He’s outspend McCain and the polls are showing its a tie.  Obama has not won this election yet.