The people have spoken.  Ok, so I’m stuck with 4 years of a unethical person who intends on wrecking the US economy.  However, my reasons have absolutely NOTHING to do with this blogger’s thoughts on the election.  You can read his thoughts here.

My thoughts are that a percentage of you kept your eyes on the free money while ignoring the fact he wants to use the president’s office to bankrupt an industry and this man lies and gaffes frequently.  Coal provides half of our electricity.  Have you ever thought that if we remove coal from the electric grid what happens?  I can assure you that you’ll wish you had $200 plus electric bills when Barry is done wrecking your economy.  That’s not even the extent of the damage Barry will do.  He’ll also have you wishing we had $4 a gallon gas.  Barry is a marxist and you can deny it all you want but you will not be able to deny it at the end of his 4-year term.  Great if his only marxist ideas are distribution of wealth but the door is open fully now and he can attempt to impose any number of marxist ideas.  His cap and trade philosophies are going to hurt the coal miners and put them out of business.  This is going to send energy prices skyrocketing.  Obviously you did not hear him when he said he wasn’t opposed to Americans paying $4 a gallon at the pump he was concerned it went up so fast.

There is another group of people who voted for Obama soley based on the historical angle.  I have no problems with a black president.  However, I have a problem with a radical person like Obama in the White House.  You can attempt to pee on my shoes and try to tell me it’s raining when it comes to his radicalism.  It won’t work!  You are who you hang out with.  His associates are some of the most disgusting people I’ve seen.  He’s friends with the former PLO spokesman.  A man who wants the destruction of another race.  He’s friends with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  A man who packaged racism and religion together.  He’s friends with William Ayers, a Domestic Terrorist.  You have attempted to say that because we didn’t vote for Obama that we are the racists but you’ve voted for Obama because he’s black.  It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

There’s yet another group of people that deserves credit for this election.  Our liberal education system has teachers telling the kids to vote for Obama.  Talk about brain-washed sheep.  How much knowledge or intelligence is used in this process?  Absolutely none!  I’m totally against the liberal influences in our school system.  Our school system sucks as far as teaching non-partisan politics.

Oh yes there is another group of people who didn’t take time to look over the candidates and make a intelligent decision to vote on someone.  Their friends said they are voting for Obama and they replied so am I!  This group and the group in the previous paragraph have a lot in common.

Oh but there is another group of people that is responsible for this black mark (Not a race related comment) on history.  Those are registered republicans that voted for Obama because they didn’t want McCain because they wanted Obama to ruin the country so that we can get a better candidate next election.  Liberals and Independents voted in the Republican primary.  I understand that, I get that.  McCain was not my 1st or 2nd choice.  He was my very last choice.  However, unlike you, I understood that McCain was the least damaging of the two (Obama and McCain). 

The last group is the liberals themselves.  They will always vote for a Marxist because that is who they are.  It doesn’t matter how damaging their candidate is to the American way of life, these guys will happily vote for them. 

So in essence I want all of you guys to remember how your leg tingled when you talked about Obama.  When unemployment goes into double digits and the only money your getting is Obama’s free money, remember how you voted for that.  When your having trouble paying your electric bill or your natural gas bill, just remember that tingling you felt up your leg.  When the charity your attempting to collect money for is having problems collecting money because nobody has extra money to contribute, just remember that tingling.

To the rest of us, take the free money and save it.  Do not invest it!  Keep saving up because it’s going to get nasty economically before it gets better.  I’m saying you’ll need that money to pay utility bills and gas bills at the pump.  I intend on putting my money in Certificate of Deposits through 3 different sets of money until the harder economic times hits.  I wouldn’t go any longer than 3 months for any CDs.  That way you don’t have to wait too long to access it again.  When the Liberals take away talk radio, just remember there are still blogs and podcasts.  If they take that away then we officially have become a communist country.

The media love affair with Obama has ended and I’m sure they are going to start turning on him one by one around March next year.  The media are Pirannah’s when it comes to politics.  They did absolutely nothing when it came to the election except throw Obama and Biden softballs and when they were treated to real media reporters they whined like little girls.  No fair they are asking me hard questions, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Obama has been very clear on the destructive nature of his policies.  Don’t complain to me when he follows through and you are hurting because you voted for that.  You said you wanted free money now you have it but it’s bitter sweet when he’s going to wreck the economy and that handout will not be enough to get byl  I’ll also assure you  that the end of middle class figure will change and then he’ll redefine it as $80,000 a year so then everyone making over $80,000 will start paying higher taxes.  That won’t affect me and it was never a problem as I make less than $30,000 a year so I was not motivated by threats of higher taxes to oppose Obama’s taxation policy.  I recognized the dangers of what he wants to do. 

I will not compromise my beliefs to rally around Obama.  As long as what he wants to do is abuse the office to bankrupt the coal industry, he’ll not have my support.  I feel it’s immoral to use the office of the president to kill an industry.  Obviously there are quite of bit of people who say that it’s ok for him to kill an industry and make all those Americans who work in that industry unemployed.  I want you to remember, my prediction is that we’ll have double digit unemployment by 2 years of Obama’s presidency.  I believe I’m right.  We’ll see.  Unlike the Hollywood snobs and losers, I’ll be right here hammering Barry’s failures and every chance I get, I’ll make sure you recognize that there is no change.  It’s politics as usuall now.