Don’t be fooled by the drive by’s today.  The reason the markets are down are because the pending doom and gloom of a Obama presidency.  I told you things were going to get worse.  Don’t worry this is only the start of our problems from having a liberal extremist as president.  There are talks of lay offs and I guarantee you it’s going to get ugly.  I stand by my opinion to take the free money and save it because you are going to need it just to make ends meet!

Yes some of you may be finally waking up from the hangover from celebrating so long I mean the election was 2 days ago.  Some of you probably don’t understand the problem of wall street closing at loses.  You’ll get it when you start paying 2 and 3 times more for your products at the supermarket.  My advice for the Obama voters, just remember the tingling that goes up your leg when you talk about Obama instead of the drama unfolding on Wall Street.  I mean reality can be a b*tch. 

Of course I don’t feel sorry for Obama voters because they are voting for what they deserve.  I’ve heard Karma can be a b*tch.  I do feel sorry for the troops since the idiots elected someone who is about as qualified to be commander-in-chief as Heidi Klum.  Well at least Heidi could probably put a smile on their face so I guess she’d beat out Obama.  I figure in his first year, I won’t be able to find an Obama supporter because everyone will deny having elected him.  Just remember, he’s YOUR president.  I didn’t vote for him because I did not trust him.  I guess I was absolutely right in not supporting him because of my reasons.  If he had any balls whatsoever, he’d go on tv and try to give a speech to calm down Wall Street but I doubt he will.  He wants the economy to go so low that the only place it can go is up.  That way the liberals can keep swooning over him because he finally did something.  Yes, that’s change you can believe in….I think not!