Yes this about on the level as Obama’s politics.  Hiring a thug to kill businesses in the name of the EPA and they’re carbon footprint and kill jobs while creating a sizable footprint himself.  This appointment pretty much proves my point and can be summed up in two words…What change?

It has been noted many times that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. flies nowhere on commercial flights.  He’s admitted to this however, he feels he’s too important to fly on commercial flights.  He goes nowhere without a private jet.  Now YOUR messiah wants him to head the EPA.  I’d equate that to hiring Barney Frank to watch Fannie and Freddie and oversee them.  Oh wait, we did that and they had financial problems plus while overseeing those organizations, he had a gay love affair with one of the CEO’s. 

Again, what change?  He’s selection the most partisan people to be on his staff so how is it he says he’ll be bi-partisan?