The Reverend Jeremiah Wright accuses the media of attempting to use him as a weapon of mass destruction for Obama’s campaign for president.  He also claims that all of the comments that were presented to the media were all taken out of context.

Ok, if that is so, I’d love to hear his explaination of US of KKK A comment.  Oh wait, there’s not one philosophical sermon that you could logically use that in a good way.  Hmmmm Nope, I think the Revered is up Sh*t’s creek without a paddle with that one.  Nice try though, I’ll give you credit for having the audacity to play the victim card.  I’m afraid on this one, you were a voluntary victim. 

I still maintain that Reverent Jeremiah Wright packaged racism and religion together and peddled it on the public.  If I had the white version of Reverend Wright’s theology, I’d be shut down for hate speech.  For some reason, Reverend Wright feels that it’s not offense to preach hate in a black church.  Reverend Wright is exactly what’s wrong with unchecked liberalism.  His hypocracy should piss you off.  I’m of the opinion that if racism is wrong for one race, it’s wrong for all races end of story.  There are no exceptions in my book.  Black racism is equally as ugly as white racism.

To quote Obama, “Don’t Tell me Words Don’t Matter!”  Well Obama I couldn’t have said it any better.