Absolutely kickass!  I was very impressed with their new album.   There are a few songs that AC DC tried something new on and then there’s a few that you hear the old AC DC on.  While I say old AC DC, I mean very simple rythm’s and very complicated lead guitar licks.  The very same formula that enticed me at 16 years old to learn how to play guitar because I heard the simple rythm’s and easily figured out how to play their stuff. 

1.  Rock n Roll Train.  I liked this song.  Angus Young tried something new on this one.  Great use of drums in this one.  The chorus is catchy.

2.  Skies On Fire:  I liked this one too.  The guitars have a punchy sound behind a steady rock beat.  A lot of back and forth between Brian Johnson and the guitars.  The chorus guitar chords will get stuck in your head.

3.  Big Jack.  This one is partly old school AC DC and partly new.  The Chorus holds a capturing rhythm.  The beginning sounds old school and morphs into something that doesn’t sound like a AC DC song.

4.  Anything Goes.  I LOVED THIS ONE.  It’s an entirely new sound for them.  Angus Young busy throughout the entire song. 

5.  War Machine.  It sounds like classic AC DC.  During the verses the guitars come down and let you hear more of Brian Johnson’s vocals and then they kick in hard during the chorus.

6.  Smash & Grab.  Simplistic rhythm which is classic AC DC.  It kind of reminds me a little of Night prowler off Highway To Hell.

7.  Spoilin’ For A Fight.  Again, classic AC DC rhythm.  I may not be able to get the chorus out of my head today.  LOL. 

8.  Wheels.  Classic AC DC sound. 

9.  Decibel.  I loved the start of the song.  Great blues rift at the start of song followed by some great guitar licks by Angus Young all throughout the song.

10.  Stormy May Day.  Oh yeah, great slide guitar work!  Great blues sound throughout the song!  This is definitely something new that AC DC tried that worked for them.

11.  She Likes Rock N Roll.  I liked this one.  It has all of the signatures of a classic AC DC song. 

12.  Money Made.  This one showcases a different sound for AC DC.  The Rhythm has a punchy sound to it.  They backed off heavy distortion and you can hear a little bit of distortion but not as heavy as the classic AC DC tunes.

13.  Rock N Roll Dream.  This one starts out slow and mythotical.  Guitars aren’t heavily distorted.  Then the guitars change to normal AC DC distortion.  I liked the song.  The Chorus is catchy.

14.  Rocking All The Way.  Great song.  At the start of the song it doesn’t sound like classic Brian Johnson singing.  Not a heavily distorted Rhythm guitar throughout the whole song.  However, you hear the lead guitar come in and it’s using some distortion. 

15.  Black Ice.  Great Rhythm guitar sound.  I love this song. 

Overall, it’s well worth the $11.99 you’ll spend to buy this album.  The group has an excellent track record of giving the fans an album full of good music and it’s not changing with the release of Black Ice.  There are 15 tracks of new music which is more than most bands put on a CD.  If I remember correctly don’t look for the CD at your favorite music store unless that store is Walmart.  I think this CD was exclusively sent to Walmarts around the country.