Jeeze, this makes as much sense as having a monk as a sex therapist.  Yeah right!  I’m going to sound like a fear monger but I don’t want a secretary of defense that hates the military.  How could that help the military?  Obviously none of them are actually a viable Secretary of Defense.  Don’t take me out of context here.  I don’t want a war monger but at the same time, I don’t want someone who will refuse to strike back at a country that has just attacked us.  I want someone who knows a lot more about military workings than some liberal that spit on troops returning from Vietnam.  I don’t just want that, I demand that!  Secretary of Defense is a position that we can’t afford to have a complete moron in charge of the office.  Our current Secretary of Defense seems to be doing a good job.  Why change that?  The Democrats voted to let him do the job so why would Obama have a problem with him?

I am getting more worried about Obama’s judgement by the minute.  If we get attacked while Obama is in office, instead of blaming him, I’m blaming the idiots that gave him the power to let us get attacked.  I’m watching him closely and I don’t like much of what I see even before he gets into office.