Liberals love to mention the constitution when it fits their argument but when it doesn’t cut their way, they are totally against it.  One instant where they are hypocritical is with the fairness doctrine.  Liberals will try to tell you that the Fairness Doctrine is fair but is it? 

You are putting limits on free speech guaranteed by the US constitution.  The Fairness Doctrine is unconstitutional because it sets limits for free speech on talk radio.  Liberals try to tell you that every industry in the US needs to be regulated.  That’s the government excuse to interfere in your business.  Government interference on the part of the Democrats caused Fannie and Freddie to have a financial crisis so the government really sucks at regulating industries.  That was the whole point of the fairness doctrine they wanted to control what people said over the radio not because it was right but because they wanted to control it. 

Even though the constitution guarantees free speech which basically means I can say any damn thing I want about Obama and there’s not one damn thing he can do about it.  He can’t have me imprisioned.  Now he could probably spend millions of dollars of taxpayer monies to have me audited by the IRS but then again, the ends don’t actually justify the means.  I mean the IRS have looked over my tax forms every year because they’ve changed the figures every year.  Sometimes I got more than my account figured out that I had coming or they figured out I had less coming to me than my accountant figured. 

I think talk radio should pool together a defense fund and when the fairness doctrine is revived then take it to the supreme court and have the Nazi’s spanked judicially over the whole matter. 

Liberals are upset over talk radio because liberal talk radio sucks so bad nobody wants to listen to it.  Don’t bother mentioning Air America or Public Radio because neither flourishes financially.  Air America bankrupted itself and Public radio sucks so bad most liberals would rather listen to conservative talk radio instead.  I mean it’s apparant that a lot of liberals listen to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh more devoutly than most Republicans.