Ok, I can understand bailing out financial institutions.  That helped all americans but to bail out the auto industry wouldn’t help anyone but Michigan. 

Now you have to understand that the Democrat party runs Michigan and chased many of the businesses out of that state with the higher taxes and bigger government philosophies.  So it wasn’t the Federal government’s fault that the auto industry is having financial problems, it was the state government that caused it.  Now Obama wants to bail out the auto industry.  WAKE UP MICHIGAN!  You people deserve what you voted for.  By voting for the Democrats you said that it’s ok if you lose your job because they hate big business and want to make them pay higher taxes.  So if you lose your job because you hired a liberal to run the government you had to know that it was coming.

I’m against any kind of bail out to the top 3 auto dealers.  Businesses go under every day and they aren’t considered for a bailout yet we’re supposed to think that GM, Ford, and Chrysler deserve bailing out.  Maybe just maybe, Michigan should consider bailing out the top 3 instead of asking for federal bailouts.  After all, it’s their fault they are having problems.  Michigan owns the problem and until they correct their mistake of electing someone who wants to kill the top 3, they should probably lie in the bed they made.  Maybe next time those people will learn to be more responsible when they go to the polls.  Like it or not that’s my thoughts on bailing out the big 3 auto makers.