I encourage everyone to check their credit card bills regularly and today, I’ve caught something before they’ve attempted to bilk me out of a small fortune.  There is a company out there called WPI*Friends out of Florida.  I have no idea how they got my email address and other information but I most definitely haven’t had time to go sign up for any services online. 

The company was nice enough to delete whatever account that existed on their website and refund my money after I’d called them to complain.  As added protection she blocked my credit card from being used on their system. 

Granted this wasn’t a $2,500 donation to Obama but it still pissed me off.  I caught the transaction 5 days from when it happened so they really had no choice but to refund my money.  A little online research, I found that my story isn’t so rare.  There are multiple persons complaining about a WPI*Friends Elite membership they didn’t order.  The bottom line at least they were nice about the bogus membership and took action without me having to call my credit card company to contest the transaction.