It’s no secret that Mark Cuban has used his money to make our soldiers look bad.  After all he did finance a movie about GIs repeatedly raping Iraqi women. 

What did Mark Cuban get in return?  Well apparently he avoided losing money due to insider trading.  LOL.  My advice is to admit guilt and pay a hefty fine and go back to minding your own business instead of trying to outrage the public against the military personnel in this country.  If Mark even thinks about pleading his innocence I’ve got 2 words for him……wait for it…..It’s coming……Martha Stewart.  Martha would probably tell him to admit guilt and pay the fine versus going to trial. 

The feds are saying Mark Cuban found out insider information and cashed out saving himself from losing $750,000.  Going through the court system versus paying the fine could result in more charges as many people lost money and he didn’t.  Mark should understand that Karma can be a b*tch.