I got a good laugh out of the results of the poll.  They got Obama supporters and gave them a multiple choice questionaire and asked them questions.  We now know that Obama supporters are the least informed people out there.  Absolutely none of these people read my blog because they couldn’t answer questions that I’ve covered here.  The figure .5 represents the number of people who were actually intelligent enough to answer all of the questions correctly.

They had one in four chance to get the questions right and they couldn’t do it.  One of the questions was “Which political party controls congress?  Only an ill-informed person could say Republicans and that majority answered Republican.  When asked “Who had to drop out of race because of his plagerism?”  Many people replied John McCain.  The correct answer was Joe Biden.  Another question was “Who started their political career in the home of 2 domestic terrorists,” the answer was John McCain. 

Honestly, this is absolutely pathetic.  They couldn’t even say who wanted to bankrupt the Coal industry.  No wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket.  Absolute morons are voting who don’t have a clue as to what damage Obama is going to cause while he’s in office.  Most of these idiots are voting for somebody because their friends are voting this way.  I guess these individuals are just too damn lazy to simply go to the website and look and see what these candidates have to tell us on how they will run the country.  It takes maybe an hour per candidate.  They are absolutely too lazy to go to a news site and read about their candidate and see what skeletons are in their closet.

Well you people wanted Obama bad and the worse you wanted him the worse you’ll get him.  Ignorance is the highest paid commodity in the US and now everyone will pay for a majority of idiots.  I’m only bitter at the mindless sheep out there that did not do their research before they decided to hire the next president of the United States.  I’m mad at the fact they didn’t take the time to see exactly what in the hell they were voting for.  I’ve covered this before.  I was talking about move-on.org and how when you join a group like that, you are letting one person talk for you even though you only agreed with one part of their agenda.

Just maybe the idiots will learn a lesson in voting smarter next time but I doubt it.  I have no problem with the .5 percent that got the questions right in how they are voting but I loathe the idiots that voted uninformed and did so quite enthusiastically.  This pretty much settles the long argument that liberals are more intelligent.  If they were intelligent, then they’d have answered the questions 100%.