I watched the Documentary Expelled:  No Intelligence Allowed and I noticed some troubling theme’s in both cases.  I feel it’s scientists job to take neither side as their own and to question everything.  That being said, what’s happened is that the majority plays gotcha with scientists that disagree with their point of view.  Once a scientist says something that cuts against the majority’s opinion, that person is fired, refused tenure, or they simply refuse to let them re-negotiate their contract.   This is absolutely no difference between the Evolution mafia and global warming mafia.

Atheists have bought into the Evolution theory lock stock and barrel.  They say that evolution proves there is no god.  They’ve put all their marbles into that theory.  Now before we go too much farther, the bible is the most accurate document used in Archeology.  So many of the events and places listed in the bible really were where the bible said they were.  I have a very limited view of evolution in that I do not believe that man evolved from an ape.  That is just stupidity talking.  I do believe that man evolved from earlier versions of man.  My version of evolution is very consistent with my religious beliefs.

If you look at the sheer dishonesty involved between Science and Scientists, you can figure out why they haven’t found a cure for anything since the 50’s.  It’s the myopic views that your point has already been proven and the discussion is over attitude scientists have taken against each other.  Everyone in both Global Warming and Evolution  both take this stance against everyone that would stand out against the pack.  They place a great deal of credit to peer review.  Peer review doesn’t mean one damn thing in the big scheme of things.  It only means others have viewed your work and sign off on your results.  There is no signature that means you approve and there is absolutely no standards on who should sign off.  Green peace volunteers can sign off on peer review when they aren’t exactly scientists.  When scientists have left the IPP their name remains on the list of people who supposedly agree with Global Warming.  I wouldn’t be surprised one iota if this isn’t also happening on the Evolution arguments.

It goes to show how the public education bar has been lowered since the 70’s when I went to school.  Back then, Evolution was only a theory and nobody put more weight into the theory than that.  Another concern that I have is that the liberals in charge of the school systems around the country are attempting to change history.  Just an example of this is that Russia ceased to be a super power because they spent too much instead of the paranoi that President Ronald Reagan was going to develop star wars before them drove them to overspend their GNP.

I’m sure we’re in store for more intellectual dishonesty as it pertains to George W. Bush and the gas fiasco.  One liberal has already tried to tell me that gas prices lowered just as Barrack Obama won his party’s nomination.  You watch it will happen.  According to them, it had absolutely nothing to do with George Bush rescinding a drilling ban.

Everyone should be alarmed at the quality of education within our schools.  They are attempting to re-write history so that they can say the liberal role was a bigger success than it really was.  I believe we should be teaching truth in the classroom not make believe scenario’s nor should we be dumming down history.