The Ill. Governor has been arrested for using Obama’s senate seat as a bargaining tool to get a job after his term is over.  To clarify the problem, he used the seat for personal gain and that’s not legal.  Obama’s pick to replace him was not considered because she said she’d be thankful but apparently that was not enough for the Governor of Ill.  There is tape of the governor talking about the whole thing.  The evidence is damning and I’m sure he’ll be prosecuted and proved guilty. 


He is the same governor who encouraged people to tell him about corruption.  Well in hind site, he wanted to grade the corruption because he is a corrupt politician.  Before this mess unraveled, Wolfson said that Obama has talked to the governor about his position then after the trouble started, Obama went on the media and stated he hadn’t talked to him.  Who is right?  We’ll never know.


I’ll give Obama the benefit of the Doubt because I can’t prove it either way.  It would be nice to find out the facts but considering his other lies, he’ll probably lie about what he knows now too.  I’m going to laugh when Obama has his version of the whitewater scandal.  You see this is what I’ve said from the start.  He has too many skeletons to be president.  I mean you should have taken consideration of Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Malcom X, etc.  Now his dirty laundry will appear on the front page of every newspaper from Washington to Moscow along with how divided the country is over his election.