Ok, this is probably, without a doubt, the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.  It proves nothing other than liberals are feeling beat down over the proposition 8 fallout.  They brought this upon themselves and it cost them.  Throughout the election they claimed Republicans were racists, sexists, and Homophobes.


They went out and got all these blacks and Hispanics to support them while they didn’t consider those groups culture.  They sided with the left only to elect Obama..  Hispanic culture is based on machismo.  To support gay marriage violates the rules on machismo.  Also Hispanics are Catholic and the Catholics don’t support gay or lesbians.  Blacks tolerate homosexuals but many of them believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.  


So after the election, they were embarrassed to find that the Hispanics and Blacks were the deciding vote against gay marriage.  Then in a period that I call pure Karma, they went out using the S-word and N-word against these groups.  Then a group of them went out and attacked a little old lady knocking her cross on the ground and stepping on it.


So now, they believe that by calling in gay instead of working that they won’t be fired and that their employers NEED them.  Hehehe, good luck with that, personally I’d fire your ass but then that’s me.  My justification, your not ill (your sick but not ill), your no-showing your job, your fired!  These people believe that they are somehow going to hurt their employer by not showing up to work.  This would prove that the employer somehow NEEDS them as much as they need the paycheck.  I’m sure most of them are going to get their ass fired if their boss isn’t gay.  Then they’ll really have something to sing the blues over.


Personally, I called in straight and declared I’ll be at work today on time as usual.  LMFAO.