Ok, I think this is in poor taste.  Obama wants to paint himself with the same brush strokes as FDR.  FDR wasn’t as good as liberals say he was.  In fact, liberals say the era of Reagan is over while they salivate and talk about the era of FDR and I’m very opinionated over FDR.


First off, he married his cousin.  Since when is keeping it in the family considered a virtue? 


Secondly, FDR started the cold war which Reagan ended.


Thirdly, economists say that FDR did not allow the country’s financial Depression to recover as fast as it could have. 


Fourthly, the only reason people thought of FDR fondly is because the level of education in this country was not where it is today!


I can say without any hesitation that the big 3 wouldn’t be having the financial problems they are now experiencing if a.  The CEO’s would have made smarter choices and b.  If the government would get their damn noses out of their business.  Everyone on the Democrat side thinks that Café’ standards are great.  Look at it from the car industry’s point of view.  The government is telling them to do something that the technology won’t allow.  Government should develop the technology first and sell it to the car industry.  How in the hell did government get in the middle of a private business industry?  If you think that it is ok then I suggest you start a business and let the government tell you how to run your business.  Then come tell me how you believe it’s the government’s place to tell you how to run your business.


FDR implemented a lot of regulators in different areas.  If you are going to do that then make the system intelligent.  When technology changes then you have to look for abuses before they happen not watch it cause a problem and marvel on how it’s being done.  If your clueless about my last statement, the liberals turned a blind eye to the regulators that were watching oil sales on the stock exchange and didn’t do one goddamn thing to stop it until pressed by the public.