I have no doubt that the recruiter was stabbed by some left-wing nut.  The recruiter was stabbed in Harlem at 12:30pm.  She was rushed to the hospital and they were able to save her life by operating on her.  What in the hell has happened to this country?  Do we now need to hire security for these recruiters to go to work now or do we need to start arming them to do their job?

Obviously the girl who stabbed the recruiter was absolutely ignorant.  If she were somewhat intelligent, she’d know that she’s looking at a large prison sentence.   Bare minimum for assaulting a federal employee is 5 years and that’s for simple assault where fists were used.  She now is looking at attempted murder of a federal employee.  She’s now looking at 20 years in prison without the possibility of parole.  She should probably get used to prison sex cause that’s all she’s getting for the next 20 years.  20 years is probably the minimum sentence.  Depending on circumstances, she could get as much as 35 years.

I don’t know all of the facts behind her motivation for this attempt at murder.  I’m guessing she was stalking some poor guy who decided his only chance is to join the military to get away from her.  She probably was pretty much a stalker and was pissed he was getting away from her.  I hope she still thinks it was worth it when the judge gives her the large sentence behind bars.