I can’t say enough about this subject because it appears the liberals have lost their common sense through this auto bailout.   Here’s some facts for you on the auto industry.  Both GM and Toyota sold the same amount of cars in 2007.  I believe the figure was 37.4 Million give or take a few thousand or so.  You’d think both companies did equally well but you’d be mistaken.  Toyota made 60 Million while GM lost $35 million.

What this figure tells me is that the United Auto Workers Union is costing the big 3 lot’s of money that Toyota isn’t shelling out.  In fact in my opinion the United Auto Worker’s Union is the sole source of the big 3’s financial problems and has outlived it’s usefullness. 

Sure the UAW was essential in the early days of making cars because of the dangers associated with the production of vehicles which management at the time  attempted to ignore.  Now days, the federal government’s OSHA program covers a lot of the dangerous working environment problems and the companies are required to maintain a safe work place.

Toyota does not have a UAW union and it is thriving.  The workers do not make as much as UAW union members but the company throws money at it’s outstanding workers in the form of bonuses.  That’s as it should be.  UAW’s policy is that management should throw cash at everyone whether or not they are good performers on the job.  What incentive is there if your getting money thrown at you for just doing your job as opposed to doing a superior job?

My dad was a union man before he passed away.  I swear I’ve never seen such debacles in my life.  Union management brought guns to the worksite.  No, not shotguns but concealed handguns.  I always thought unions were kind of like the legalized mafia.  Normally the people that ran the unions at my dad’s jobs weren’t exactly blessed with social graces either.  My dad worked building pipelines his whole life.  I was at his job site more than a few times and saw how that whole thing worked first hand.  He was disappointed that I chose to work in the military but at the end, I think he appreciated it a little more than he used to but I’m getting off subject.

Liberals believe that it’s ethical for the government to impose Cafe standards on the auto industry.  I take a different approach.  I think there is a excellent opportunity for the government to lead the way in the auto industry and make some money doing it.  Since the government seems to think that you can do more with a little gas, why don’t they develope the technology then sell it to the auto industry.  They keep pushing the standards up and don’t have to do any of the research currently.  Liberals in the congress seem to think it’s easy to develop new technologies.  There is only so many miles that you can pull out of a gallon of gas. 

A big government bailout isn’t needed.  An alternate idea is to have the government buy a new fleet of government vehicles to replace it’s aging fleet of government vehicles.  This would give the big 3 a big boost in moving cars off lots and wouldn’t be giving them something for nothing.