Department stores are going to be offering more sales this year because so far sales have been poor.  I knew there was a good reason I’ve been waiting to buy presents. 

I’d love to look at the statistics on department stores in Texas.  Everytime I’ve been outside the house, the stores have been packed.  I’m of the opinion that the stores may be doing much better in Texas than around the country.

I’m still trying to buy 3 more presents.  I saved them for last since I want to get my daughter, son, and sister-in-law something good that they can use.  I may just buy her a set of dishes or a digital picture frame.  I’m even considering buying a piece of artwork since she just bought a new place to live in downtown Dallas.    I’m just waiting for something to yell for me to get it for her.  I haven’t found it yet.

My son is a different story all together.  He graduated from College on Saturday.  I couldn’t make it to his graduation because I work on Saturdays.  I guess I need to pick a Christmas/Graduation type of president.  He’s now a school teacher.  I thought about maybe getting him a gift card at office depot for $100.  My thoughts were he could use it to help out some students who’s having problems getting the proper school supplies.  I haven’t made up my mind either way yet.

My sister-in-law was struggling to make ends meet.  I haven’t decided what to get for her and my brother-in-law.  I may call my daughter to see what she thinks they need.  She’s very good with presents. 

So my present buying hasn’t been delayed because I lack funds.  It’s delayed because I’m not quite sure what to get.  I did buy presents for my nephews though.  I got each of them wallet sized digital picture frames that will hold 100 pictures.  I’m planning on taking all my pictures I had of their grandfather and copying them over to the frames.  It’s not fancy but I spent $20 each on them and by puting the pictures on them, I’m giving them something with sentimental value.

I always want to give them something that they can use.  I don’t like buying presents that sit in their closet unused.