Meet Muntadhar al-Zeidi.  He’s the Iraqi journalist that threw his shoes at President Bush.  I’m not so sure he’d chose to do that deed again as he’s been pretty much been beat the hell out of since he was detained.  There are people in this country who say he was justified.  I say he was not justified and the only thing about this case I disagree with is that he was physically beat to a pulp while in custody.  He suffers from a broken arm, broken ribs, and multiple cuts and lacerations all while in police custody.

The same idiots that would say this man’s behavior was justified are probably the same ones who said when the gay militants attacked the little old lady to knock her cross out of her hands was justified.  I think maybe if these people had been beat to a pulp they’d understand that violence is not justified. 

Liberal by far, remind me of people like Muntadhar al-Zeidi.  They somehow justify their violent behavior by saying they are entitled.  I do understand that there are some liberals that are not like this but they will always be grouped with the gay militants, the violent war protesters (The Berkley kind and the code stink kind), and the kooky disruptive 911 conspiracy nuts.  Liberals always seem to embrace conspiracy theories even when there appears to be no conspiracy. 

Back to Muntadhar al-Zeidi, he deserves to be incarserated.  He does not deserve to be brutalized.  Whether or not you like George W. Bush or not, he’s still the president of our country.  His office deserves respect whether or not you like him personally or not.  If a journalist did that in this country, the person would be arrested, serve some time in prison, and would probably lose their professional credentials.  That’s what justice would look like here in the states so that’s probably what will happen to al-Zeidi.