Honestly, I go through the same patterns each and every time with Michael Crook.  He get’s a wild hair to make everyone login to view his site.  Everytime he does it, he winds up undoing it because people don’t want to have to login to read his incoherent thoughts about life and the world in general.  The only reason we go to read his site is that we have a profound desire to watch people embarrass themselves.  Honestly Mikey does it with each and every blog he writes.

I call his time that he requires a login to view his site as personal time with his sock puppets to get acquainted.  Most would call it man to hand relationship but with Mikey, it’s almost a crime to call him a man or sir.  I have no doubt he once again will prove he’s my b*tch by getting rid of the login because he’s not getting his share of attention. 

Michael used to make fun of people who use free blog sites now he’s been reduced to using one…blogspot.  I guess Mikey should have focused more on the career than the drivil he spews on a daily basis.  Maybe he’d be able to afford to pay for his blog instead of using a free one like he criticizes everyone else for using.  Oh wait, this is Michael Crook we’re talking about.  I have no doubts that sooner or later he’ll violate his terms of service with hate speech.  It’s to the point now where he’s been kicked off the major blogging sites.

Seems Mikey has all of his eggs in the Cooper-Levenson lawsuit.  He thinks that they are going to give in to him and pay him to go away.  I hope they don’t and they bury him in a mountain of attorney driven debt that he can’t get out of.  It would be fitting to see someone who hates races, cops, and military to be out on the street begging blacks, hispanics, orientals, cops, and military personnel for money so he can buy himself a bottle of cheap booze.

That would be the pathetic idiot that Michael Crook is.  Personally if I saw him begging for money, I’d snap a photo of him and post it online so that everyone he’s ever defamated could see exactly how pathetic he really is.  Come on Mikey, keep providing us with cheap pathetic entertainment that you’ve always provided us with.  You’ll find out that nobody wants to register to read your crappy thoughts and opinions but we really do love to see you fail which happens 99.9% of the time.

I mean in these tough economic times, even the losers need somebody to laugh at and that’s where you come in.  That is your sole purpose in life is to entertain.  What else could you call it?  You’ve picked on deceased people, you’ve picked on military widows, you even boast you’d like to spit in a military widows face (Trust me a widow would rip your sorry ass to shreds), you’ve picked on Alcoholics, you’ve picked on people who cheat on their spouses, etc and each time it backfires in your face.  Let’s not forget the made up story about your trip to the Veterans cemetary where you supposedly spit on military personnel’s graves.  You do all of that stuff and yet your not man enough to step in a boxing ring with me.  Your a coward today and you’ll still be one tomorrow.  You say outragious things about people then go cower inside your house behind your computer because you don’t have the cojones to walk outside your pay by the week motel room.