What’s it with Liberals and taxes?  These people want to tax everything under the sun to pay for their spending.  I’ll swear if you look at them in the face you can see dollar signs in their eyes.  New York has gotten pretty pathetic in their quest for more money and bigger government.  They even considered a toll to drive on the streets of manhattan during work hours.

The liberal haters are out in full force in that city.  What they want to implement is an obesity tax.  The tax is a full assault on the junk food industry.  It’s not the government’s goddamn place to tell citizens what their diet should and should not be composed of.

To show how stupid these politicians are, we’re in a recession dumbass!  You don’t implement new taxes in a recession no matter how bad your checkbook fingers are itching to tax and spend!  To show how ill thought up these plans are, they want to tax Cokes but yet not tax over the counter fruit juices which are just as bad for you as cokes.  Everyone knows to get healthy fruit juices you have to make it yourself from scratch.  Most over the counter fruit juices contain added sugar and not exactly 100% natural.

New York is the same state that is cutting back on it’s police force because they figure they can’t afford it.  This decision will take the city back to pre-Mayor Guiliani error crime rates.  I guess the citizens are really not that important to the New York State politicians.

Of course the governor of New York, David Patterson, is a liberal.  You can tell that by the irratic views he poccesses.  In my opinion, he appears to be reaching for more tax money so his administration can spend more during the recession.  This has the promise of doing real damage to the state’s economy.  You can’t justify this to me if you wanted to.  However, they’ve discovered that Diet soda’s are worse for you than regular soda so the governor is running to problems justifying his intentions.

I’d love for someone to show me where government has the right to attempt to control eating habits and then I’ll show you a government that is out of control.  What’s next?  A sex tax?  Considering Patterson is a liberal, I’d even suspect that hetersexuals would pay more for a sex tax than the gays and lesbians.

I live in the great state of Texas.  Our politicians don’t attempt to scam money out of us this way.  In fact, we pay no state income tax nor do we have a flaming liberal for a governor.  Texas has always been Republican so we don’t have to worry about such stupidity on the part of our state government.  I’d encourage all right thinking people in New York to email or write a letter to the governor and tell him what you think about his “I know what’s best for you” attitude.  Although I think he’s blind, so I’m sure one of his employees will wind up reading the email to him.

Liberals seem to think using the government to do things like this is ok but from my stand point, it’s abuse of power.  If the governor is going to go this direction it’s only a matter of time until he starts raising taxes to 50% and starts hiring private chef’s for every tax payer.  The private chefs will buy the groceries from your 50% and make you eat only what they approve.  Again, the governor isn’t very smart trying to do this in a recession.  What happens if these companies close down, is the idiot going to expand government to give these same people jobs?  If not, then maybe he should shut up and color!